How to Say Hi


April 20, 2022 How to Say Hi Season 1 Episode 16
How to Say Hi
Show Notes

The #ReturnToWork has also brought about the Return to Networking. But we believe it doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing or cringy. Networking, when done well, can be a great opportunity for genuine connections and cheerful moments. BONUS! A lot of the ideas shared in this star-studded episode easily transfer to other types of social scenarios, too! 

Welcome to the stage, Peter Larsen, networking extraordinaire and professional business speaker. He’s joining us to share his expert advice for creating a positive and rewarding networking experience. From building your confidence with high-spirited affirmations to leaning on the event leader for an introduction, this episode is filled with ideas to help you walk into a room ready to spark up conversations.  

Peter Larsen is an Office Technology Sales Professional at Cobb Technologies and motivational speaker. We’re sure you’ll feel his energy and excitement in this episode. If you’re interested in hearing more from Peter, find him on LinkedIn or Twitter

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